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The Tea Party ~ Dunya Volkov by Waruhi-tan
The Tea Party ~ Dunya Volkov

[violently joins more rp groups]


Full name;
Dunya Volkov
Gender / Sex;
  16/ November
  5’4” / 162cm
  115lbs / 52kg
She is a ballerina who is aiming to go professional. She is also in her third year of college for dance. (Not just ballet, but that is her focus.)


Dunya is a very competitive person; almost to an extreme. She strives to be the best at what she does, and becomes very uncomfortable when someone is better. Of course, she realizes that she cannot be the best at what she does to an extent, but she is also constantly reminding people that “Someone has got to be the best.” Dunya has many goals that she feels she must meet, and if she fails to do so, she usually beats herself up about it. She has very strong beliefs and is quite stubborn about them. Trying to sway her opinion is rather difficult, because she isn’t afraid to openly deny your argument and tune you out.

Dunya, being so passionate about dance and other things, causes her to appear rather serious and somewhat brash. She is known as “that bitch” by many, but she could honestly care less because she knows that they are paying attention to her anyways. Truthfully however, Dunya is not a bitch and just rather headstrong. Underneath the raw determination lies an outgoing and kindhearted girl that rarely shows her true colors.

Dunya was born to Alexei Volkov and Azami Inoue. She is half Russian and half Japanese. The Volkovs were and are very well off; her mother being a professional gymnast and her father being a successful banker. From a young age, Dunya’s mother suggested that she do something like gymnastics or dance. She started off doing gymnastics, and that has actually helped her become as good as she is in dance. Later, Dunya picked up ballet and also continued to do gymnastics on the side. She claims that gymnastics is quite fun, but she doesn’t plan on going professional. She found that she was able to express herself more clearly through ballet, and she loved it. Dunya would eventually go on to compete in various competitions, and would win the majority of them because she powered through with sheer determination and years of practice. When she did lose, however, she often wouldn’t come out of her room for days. She’s definitely a sore loser.

Dunya went through her teenage years without much incident. She didn’t have many friends though, because she preferred to isolate herself with the mindset that friends would distract her from becoming better at dance. This, to an extent, is true, but this also caused her to become quite socially awkward and unreasonably blunt towards people. Thus, she tends to scare people off. When Dunya turned 18 her parents suggested that she pay closer attention to politics and what was going on in the world. By suggesting, they basically forced her to do so. Dunya was quite annoyed by this, as paying attention to such trivial things as politics and current events would take away from her passion; that being dance. At some point, however, due to being such a headstrong and generally intense individual, she found herself growing some very strong opinions about how things were in the world. She became quite displeased with the country’s current situation. Dunya sought out people who had the same viewpoint as her and found that to be an unexpectedly difficult task. This is because Dunya sometimes forgot that everyone didn’t share the opinion that she did, and thus operated under the mindset that because she believed it, everyone did. One day, however, she stumbled upon “The tea party.” She did this quite accidentally, but was more than glad that she did. The idea of such a rebel group excited her and caused her to forget about ballet for a little while. While this is arguably a bad thing, Dunya needed a break from the constant training she undergoes. It makes her irritable and tired, so being able to fight for what she believes in gives her great joy.

Mother- Azami Inoue : Professional Gymnast
Father- Alexei Volkov : Successful Banker

Relationship with their Acari;
Dunya is very appreciative towards her Acari. She has helped her through many things involving dance and whatever else she happens to be bothered about. She also serves as a source of comfort. The feeling that she is just there with her makes Dunya feel less alone. Sometimes, however, Dunya forgets that she has her, and ends up neglecting her. However, she will eventually remember that “Oh shit! I have an acari!” and frantically attempt to patch things up.


Name; Sorcha
Age; Two years olds


Model; AV-Hybrid


STR: 3
DEF: 4
STA: 1
AGI: 1

Ability Level; 1
Ability; Mimicry – Sorcha can mimic the sound of anything she hears, be it a crying baby or even a damn explosion. She has the ability to store the sound in the back of her mind and play it back whenever she pleases.


Personality; Sorcha is quite loyal to Dunya and will be there when needed. She, however, similar to Dunya, can be rather stubborn and sometimes refuses to comply to Dunya’s outlandish requests.


Additional Information;
-All types of dance –History –Poems –Painting her nails (allows her to cool down after practice)
-The government –Reality tv –Rainy or cloudy days –Opinions that differentiate from her own (it moreso makes her uncomfortable than angry)

Trivia: I’ve got nothing m8


whoa grandma, slow down!
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Whoa grandma, slow down!

Yo! The name's Waruhi! You can call me War or Waru too, if that happens to be easier. I mostly frequent tumblr, so if you wanna chat, you should probably message me on there. Lotsa art I don't post on here will be on my tumblr too, but I'll still occasionally post a thing or two on here as well.

I'm 16 years old, cis, asexual, and panromantic! I'd prefer if you use she/her pronouns, please!

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