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2014 Summary of Art by Waruhi-tan
2014 Summary of Art
aka mediocre artist draws people facing left

nah but I def improved in the anatomy department, but you can't really tell with this bc I only showed heads. I drew a lot this year though, so that's good! It's also been my first full year without using bases. I've improved soooooo much since I stopped using them!!

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Kayo Eto HGU - Updated by Waruhi-tan
Kayo Eto HGU - Updated
old bio: HGU student app: Kayo

Name: Kayo Eto

Staff/Student: Student - Purple Dorm

Age: Appears 19 - Actually 224

Race/Species: Taka Onna
"Just thought I’d share a type of Japanese yōkai/oni I was reminded of when reading stuff about “The Tall Gentleman”. They are called Takaonna (Tall Woman) & are pretty obscure. I’ve only ever found four or five stories about them. However, their basic story is that they start out as mortal women who become so jealous of a situation that they turn into this creature capable of stretching out their bodies to look in to tall windows & spy on the cause of their jealousy (such as adulterous husbands, women who are prettier than them, etc). Also, they eat people. Sometimes they eat the person who is cause of their jealousy (such as the adulterous husband or the lady the husband chose to sleep with) and sometimes they just eat people whose loss will somehow spite or cause pain to the person who caused their jealousy (such as all the persons servants, or all of their children)."


Height/Weight: 5'2ft normally (152.4 cm) In taka onna form, her maximum height is 35'7ft (1066.8cm) | 112 lbs - 50.8 kg

Sexuality: Can be attracted to anyone - Pansexual

Abilities: She can stretch her body to extreme lengths. She also eats people whom she is jealous of. Her jaw detaches so she can swallow a human whole. (Not much of an ability-)

Weapon(s): her gaping MAW

Personality: Kayo is an extremelty envious woman, though this comes with the nature of her species. She is haughty and somewhat judgemental, as she wants herself to believe that she is superior to basically everyone. Of course, she actually doesn't believe this, as she is constantly jealous of just about everyone. Kayo isn't very adept at making friends because she has the unnerving ability to make people extremely uncomfortable around her. (Although this could be due to the fact that she is super persistant and just overall stalker-y when she finds herself head over heels for someone.) All in all, she's not very friendly and not very fun to be around. (if she finds herself attracted to you, just run.)

-people <3<3
-soap operas (embodiment of a soap opera)
-spicy foods
-being intimidating

-people who she is envious of
-people who think they're better than everyone else (except Kayo thinks that she's better than everyone else, sooo...)
-when people close their curtains
-clothes without pockets
-when her nails break
-foggy days

Despite the fact that the majority of Taka Onnas were once human, Kayo was born as one. This is because her mother gave birth to her after she had transformed into a Taka Onna. Unfortunately, this means that her mother's spiteful and envious personality was also inside of Kayo. Kayo wasn't quite sure how her power worked when she was small. Compared to a lot of the other powers things like demons, etc, possessed, all she could do was stretch out her body to impossible lengths. Kayo complained to her mother a lot about being something she really didn't want to be; a Taka Onna. She always brought up the fact that when attending elementary school, she had a friend who was a fairy and she was super jealous of her because she had gorgeous wings and could fly. "Why can't I do that?!" Kayo would complain to her mother, to which she would respond with a "Daughter, be grateful for what you are." Eventually, probably in about fourth grade, Kayo started experiencing very strange urges that were mildly disturbing her. She noticed that she felt quite compelled to... eat her friend. Perhaps if she did so then her friend's powers would transfer into Kayo so she could be a fairy too! This is at least how Kayo attempted to rationalize her strange urges. She did eat her friend in fifth grade. At this point, Kayo realized that she could completely detach her jaw so she could practically swallow a human whole. Of course, swallowing a fairy was also much easier. Kayo adapted a constrictor snake like ability where she wrapped her incredibly long body around her victim before squeezing them to death. She would then detach her jaw and quite literally eat her victim whole. In this sense, Kayo is much like a snake, despite not being related to snakes in any way. In the end, however, Kayo did not recieve fairy wings after devouring her friend. It instead left Kayo feeling more lost and confused than anything. Why did she feel so incredibly compelled to eat her friend when it didn't benefit her in the slightest? It's because she was envious of her and getting rid of her meant that there was no longer a reason to be jealous of her. Once Kayo understood this, she began to accept the nature of her species and has grown quite selfish and unpleasant because of it.

RP Sample:
Irritation was evident on the slender face of a young Taka Onna. She tugged at the buttons on her uniform and stared angrily at the seat in front of her. They weren't there. Again. The seat in front of Kayo was yet again unoccupied for the fourth day in a row. Damn, they've almost been out for a week, and Kayo was not very pleased by this. The person whom the seat in front of her belonged too was, you could say, special to her. Of course, the object of Kayo's affection did not return her feelings and in fact was completely unaware that she was head over heels for them. Kayo took this as a compliment however, as that meant that her stalking skills were definitely at a professional level because her object of affection had no idea that she had been watching them at school, home, the mall, etc. However, the Taka Onna was not so pleased by the fact that her soon to be lover was yet again absent. She was also unaware of something that would later be so incredibly important and dangerous. Her soon to be lover already had a lover.

-pls just leave if you see her. run.


whoa grandma, slow down!
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Whoa grandma, slow down!

Yo! The name's Waruhi! You can call me War or Waru too, if that happens to be easier. I mostly frequent tumblr, so if you wanna chat, you should probably message me on there. Lotsa art I don't post on here will be on my tumblr too, but I'll still occasionally post a thing or two on here as well.

I'm 16 years old, cis, asexual, and panromantic! I'd prefer if you use she/her pronouns, please!

We must protect Kaneki Ken.


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