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lil fangs by Waruhi-tan
lil fangs
ver 2:

idk she's not exactly a vampire and she actually can't fit her teeth in her mouth which is hilarious

uh actually a remake of this chick
I really like her so I think I'll make her an oc!

not quite sure what she is yet, but definitely a cool ass monster
ero_Aviana Fawn by Waruhi-tan
ero_Aviana Fawn

Full Name: Aviana Fawn
*Nickname: Ava
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Psychai | Maternal Love
House: Storge
→ Dorm number: A1-3

Combat aid: Weird flail thing


Protective ~ Bubbly ~Sharp ~Innovator

Aviana is very protective of those she is close to. She may also seem a bit overbearing, and easily gets jealous when someone she really likes spends more time with someone else. She recognizes this bad habit though, and is attempting to fix it.

She is also generally a very happy person, and loves life. Aviana likes to be out and about doing things, whether it be going to the movies, shopping, or playing around in a creek.

Aviana is also very sharp. She is excellent at sensing other’s emotions and can read the atmosphere well. Along with being sharp, she is also quite book smart.

Aviana is somewhat of a leader. She tends to exert herself and get out in the open to be recognized.


Aviana grew up in Virginia, being the oldest child out of four. Her family was what could be described as upper middle class, so they were quite well of financially. Even so, Aviana found herself gravitating towards work. Before she was at the age to consider work, Aviana and her siblings would have a babysitter every Thursday evening, as those were the nights her parents had to attend meetings that Aviana never learned the identity of. Aviana loved her babysitter a great deal. Perhaps loved wasn’t the right word, but admired. She very much admired the so called “skill” of being a babysitter. As Aviana grew to the age of 13, she no longer required a babysitter. Her siblings, age 5, 6 and 8, however, did. As such, Aviana acquired the role of babysitter. She did this with open arms, as she enjoyed taking care of others a great deal. She felt a sense of duty to protect them, and was as a result, very protective of her siblings.

Eventually, Aviana began scouting out babysitting offers around town. The babysitting gigs of course couldn’t include Thursday evening. However, during the summer, Aviana would often take babysitting gigs on Thursday mornings or afternoons. She enjoyed meeting new children, and would often grow attached to them as if they were her own. She, of course, knew that they were not, and accepted that. Soon enough, everyone around town knew who Aviana was and some even proudly declared that she was the only babysitter they would ever hire. Eventually her siblings grew to the age where they no longer needed Aviana to look after them. She was a bit saddened by this, and still coddled them to death, but decided to take solace in visiting a nearby nursing home. She did so every Thursday evening, and felt an overwhelming love swell inside of her for these elderly people. She visited long enough to see some old faces leave and new faces enter. The employees at the assisted living facility would often ask Aviana if she had a grandparent there, as she visited so frequently, but she would tell them that she did not; but she considered all of the elderly there her family.

At the age of 18, High School had ended for Aviana. As such, she spent much more time babysitting to help her parents make money. (Although they had little problems making money in the first place.) One Thursday evening, after Aviana returned from the nursing home, she noticed a vial with a note attached resting on her bed. Aviana was mostly confused and actually somewhat alarmed by the fact that this had ended up on her bed. How did it get there? Did someone break in and was trying to trick her into guzzling down poison? Were her siblings okay?! At this thought, Aviana immediately headed to each siblings’ rooms to check if they were okay. Two out of the three only rolled their eyes at her and told her that they were fine and that she was annoying for being so over protective. The youngest sibling, however, actually started crying. Aviana immediately scooped the ten year old into her arms and sat there with her for a good 20 minutes. After her sister had calmed down, Aviana returned to her room to further inspect the vial. First, however, she read the note. She was in disbelief that the goddess of Love wanted her. At the same time, she was a bit skeptical. Due to her cautious nature, Aviana waited a good week before doing anything further with the vial. She mulled it over in her head every day and finally decided to drink the contents on a Saturday morning.

The following week was absolutely agonizing for Aviana. She didn’t realize that such a small amount of liquid could cause so much pain. Amongst the physical pain, she was feeling a great deal of emotional pain as well. She realized that this required leaving her family behind. What would her siblings do without her? What if the elderly folk thought she had abandoned them? Once the transformation was complete, Aviana was left with a pair of small green butterfly wings, which she at first was very alarmed by. She didn’t recall the note mentioning anything about receiving wings. However, she found that she felt much better emotionally. She knew that her siblings would make good decisions and would be fine without her. What she was about to do, serve the Goddess of Love, was important work, and she felt compelled to do it.




~Knee socks


~Phone key chains



~Messy rooms


~Judgmental people

~Bright lights

~Phone cords that aren’t universal



Tends to worry excessively around others

Huge fan of cute collectables. She will buy everything.

Loves art galleries

Has a fascination with hands.



whoa grandma, slow down!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Whoa grandma, slow down!

Yo! The name's Waruhi! You can call me War or Waru too, if that happens to be easier. I mostly frequent tumblr, so if you wanna chat, you should probably message me on there. Lotsa art I don't post on here will be on my tumblr too, but I'll still occasionally post a thing or two on here as well.

I'm 16 years old, cis, asexual, and panromantic! I'd prefer if you use she/her pronouns, please!

We must protect Kaneki Ken.


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