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{St-R} Dechtire Cavanah by Waruhi-tan
{St-R} Dechtire Cavanah
Name: Dechtire (Deck+ti+ra) Cavanah

Age: Appears 16 (actual age unknown.)

Birthdate: April 15th

Gender: Female

Species: Fae. (Asparas)
 Backup : Witch

Orientation: Asexual

Ranking: Bronze

Lava Spill: (Offense) Works best when in Druid form.  Lava Spill takes a moderate amount of concentration to activate. It's a rather simple spell that does a moderate amount of damage. Lava oozes from Dechtire and climbs up the target's body. Causes minor burns and discomfort. Does not effect those of nonhuman origin as severely as actual lava. Lava Spill is forbidden to be used against humans.
Destiny's Inferno: (Defense) Activates upon short incantation. Creates extreme temperatures within a 300 feet radius of Dechtire, serving as something of a force field. There is no actual fire in this spell, just the illusion of one due to the extreme heat. Distracts and inconveniences target. As a result of the large amount of space this spell covers, Dechtire usually ends up slightly fatigued.
Hephaestus's Proclamation: (Support Magic) Also activates upon short incantation. Causes ally's body temperature to raise significantly. Extreme heat radiates from them, making them untouchable by physical attacks. The person this spell is used on is not actually effected by this heat. Dechtire takes on the extreme heat the ally is emitting as a result. This is the only instance when Dechtire is effected negatively by heat.

-Awkward  -Submissive  -Delicate  +Benevolent +Loveable +Observant
    Dechtire is rather awkward in nature. She doesn't exactly have a way with words. She has a very hard time keeping up with conversation and honestly doesn't really bother trying anymore. Dechtire doesn't have many traits of a fighter. She is very submissive, and isn't very fond of fighting. Even in vocal arguements, Dechtire doesn't last long. She is quick to give in. Dechtire is a very delicate soul. Fire magic is usually associated with firey personalities, but she is quite the opposite, being very fragile. Dechtire does not cry easily, but can become emotionally hurt with little effort.
    Dechtire is not a fighter. In fact, she is rather benevolent. She has a very hard time being angry at anyone, and much prefers being forgiving and kind. She usually has good intentions and has a big heart. Despite her awkwardness, Dechtire is a very loveable girl. This is perhaps a result of her benevolence. She easily makes friends with most she meets and unintentionally causes a lot of people to be very protective of her. Because of her popularity, however, there are those that detest Dechtire. She realizes this, and it pains her. The rest of Dechtire's personality suggest that she is rather clumsy and oblivious. This is completely untrue, however, as Dechtire is extremely observant. This is perhaps her greatest strength. She is very skilled at analyzing people because she instinctively observes nearly everyone she meets very closely.

    Dechtire has a great love for her home country of Galearia. She had been unaware of it's steady decay for the most part. It remained beautiful for a long time after it had started to go downhill, so she found no reason to believe such a thing was occuring, even if the adults did talk about it all the time. However, as Dechtire aged, she began to notice the changes. Galearia had become much gloomier and nearly half of the fae had already left the country. Dechtire's family had also been discussing leaving the country. She was not okay with this. Though older, Dechtire was still a naive girl. She had decided that she would fix the country with the aide of magic.
    After coming to this resolution, Dechtire began to practice druid magic. There wasn't much that she could do, however, as she had little information to go by. Dechtire would ask fae who were skilled in druid magic to help her, and they would give her bits of information. After practicing for years, she had become an average user of druid magic, but sought to learn more. She had heard of the famous St. Reverie School for the gifted. Dechtire aimed to be accepted to this academy. She learned that one had to recieve an invitation to get into the academy. She was a bit discouraged by this fact, but was confident that she would eventually recieve an invitation.
    And recieve an invitation she did. It took a few years of waiting, but eventually Dechtire was invited to the famous St. Reverie. Of course she accepted. She was eager to begin her studies at the school so she could save Galearia. No matter how childish her wish, Dechtire would work very hard at her studies so she could accomplish her goal.

Ticking clocks

Total darkness
Demons (doesn't particularly dislike, but it moreso scared of them)
unnecesary violence

Additional Information:
VOICE: Kobayashi Sanae… (0:00 - 0:35) (though much higher pitched in fae form)
Is very small in fae form.
Very cute but very hot while using druid magic so don't touch-
Self concious of her pointy ears.
Likes to sleep in tree holes, so adjusting to dorm life was difficult for her.
Her room is very small and tidy. She keeps plants everywhere.
Has accidentally set her room on fire before.
0nce Cr0wned : Bella Belle by Waruhi-tan
0nce Cr0wned : Bella Belle
She said her name was Bella Belle! Soft and smooth like caramel!

The Mad

First Name:

Last Name: 

Middle Name:


Cis female

5'1" / 96 lbs

+ Colorful - Bella is full of life and optimism. She always seeks to make life more fun for herself.
+ Freethinking - Bella doesn't let others influence her opinions and tends to have rather outlandish ideas and beliefs. She thinks for herself, no matter how weird those thoughts happen to be.
+ Friendly - She is all about making new friends. She tends to have a rather hard time doing this though, as her approach to doing so often scares people away. Bella is a rather strange girl, and she doesn't hide it.

- Airy - Concern is something that Bella doesn't show very well. She doesn't have a very good grasp on reality, and comes off as being unconcerned or not serious about important things because of this.
- Compulsive - Bella doesn't possess much restraint when it comes to anything. If she sees something she likes, she's going to buy it. If there's something she wants to do, she's going to do it. Bella doesn't really stop to consider the consequences until after the deed has been done.
- Erratic - This girl is very unpredictable. No one really knows what she's going to do next, and it's usually something rather strange. Her unstable behavior causes a lot of issues for people.

Likes and dislikes:
+ People
+ Adventures
+ Fashion (frilly and girly)
+ Holidays (her favs are Halloween and Christmas)
+ Plants, nature. (has about 100 potted plants)
+ Alcohol

- Boredom
- Work
(that's all because she enjoys pretty much everything)

Weakness and Strengths:
+ Optimistic - Finds the bright side in everything. Rarely discouraged.
+ Innovative - If Bella doesn't have anything to do, she'll make something to do.
+ Fun loving- Can brighten up anyone's day!

- Inconsiderate - Doesn't have much care for others unless it effects her in some way
- Scatter Brained - Isn't very good at focusing on one thing. You'll lose her attention pretty fast
- Naive - Believes most things she is told. Very trusting.

She likes to use it to jab people with- the end is very pointy and sharp.
Though it's true power is to create large bursts of wind when she opens it. It can easy blow people back 1/4 of a mile

eternal youth


YOU HAVE 12 POINTS to put into the following:
STR. - x x
END. - 
CHARM. - x x x
LUCK. - x x
DEX. - x x
INT. -
SPD. - x x x

Fraction: Dawn

Bella doesn't remember much about her past. She remembers that she was in her last year of middle school when the END happened. She was very excited about high school and talked about it with her friend a lot. It would be a "fresh start." She would say. Bella remembered that she had a very close friend. She thinks that she had a crush on her, but she doesn't remember her name.

Aside from that, Bella doesn't remember anything before the END. In the beginning, she cared a lot about regaining her memories, but she doesn't think about it much anymore. She tries to live her life in the moment, not the past.

When first awaking after the END, Bella was immediately troubled by her lack of memory. She remembered a few key things, but she knew that she was missing so much. She has never managed to regain these memories, but doesn't fret over them anymore. Bella spent a long time wandering around in the beginning. Everything was in shambles, and it scared her. She hadn't the slightest idea what had happened due to her failed memories, and was all alone to boot. She remained alone for the first few years. She wasn't alone the whole time though; meeting some people along the way. But she always ended up leaving them for various reasons. Eventually, however, Bella stumbled across Dusk and Dawn and decided that this was where she belonged.

Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Single but frequently participates in one night stands
Significant Other: herself

Really likes the color yellow. Can you tell ??
Dislikes most food. Very very picky
Survives off of coffee
Was once asked if she did drugs. (she does)
People often think she's like 13


slow down grandma
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm waruhi-

afab genderfluid
asexual panromantic


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