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|D-C| Alice James by Waruhi-tan
|D-C| Alice James

G E N E R A L   I N F O:

Name: Alice James
Nickname: none
Age: 17
DOB: November 5th
Colour: Oxford Blue #002147
Faction: Blue
Height | Weight: 5'7" - 123
Gender: Female
Corrective Time: Seven Months


Aloof: Alice seems to be very distant most of the time. She isn't cold and unapproachable; just a bit detached. She often doesn't respond when people talk to her, because she gets lost in thought frequently.
Elegant: Alice has a very sophisticated air to her. She has lovely posture and walks with her head held high; contrasting against her quiet personality.
Independent: Asking for help isn't one of Alice's strong suits. She tends to rely on herself for most things, feeling that she would bother whomever she called for assistance. Due to this, Alice is often seen alone.
Neat: Alice organizes everything. She color codes things as well as orders things by the alphabet. She had been diagnosed with OCD, as seeing anything out of order sends her into an anxiety attack. (Sometimes a full out panic attack.)
Quiet: As stated above, Alice is very quiet. She doesn't intentionally remain quiet, but she finds that she usually has nothing to say, or just can't find the words.
Skeptical: Alice is skeptical of most everything. Especially the facility. She was almost positive that their often repeated phrase of "We'll cure you" or some other variation, was absolute bullshit. Alice's skepticism of most things causes her to frequently be quite nervous.

Likes / Dislikes:

✓ Lolita fashion
✓ Milkshakes
✓ Washing Dishes (and other monotonous activities)
✓ Mints (always has some on hand)
✓ Poems (writing and reading)
✖️ Messes
✖️ Driving
✖️ Ticking of clocks
✖️ Being in tight, and or small, spaces
✖️ Glasses (supposed to wear them; doesn't.)
✖️ Obnoxious people


Alice grew up amongst five other children, along with their mother and father. Alice's family is quite wealthy, and has been for a long time. She was taught from a young age the "proper" way to do things, and came off as very snobby to others as a result. It wasn't just her, though, her whole family was this way. Alice never realized that this was an "incorrect" way of acting, and merely thought people just didn't like her.

Her parents were very doting and loving, despite their tightass outward appearance. Although loving, they were violently against the coloured. They often attended protests and campaigned against them. The children knew this well, and their opinions were identical to their parents, as they were quite young. Alice as well was quite afraid of the coloured, due to frequent spiels of her parents.
At the age of 15, Alice became quite nervous in nature. This is due to very little social interaction, as she was a very sheltered child. Because of this nervousness, Alice didn't tell anyone when she first saw color. (First saw color when noticing a banner at school that was oxford blue.) It frightened her deeply. She was extremely confused. Was she supposed to hate herself now? Would her parents hate her? Alice believed that the answer was to be cured. She figured that turning herself in to the government was the best course of action.

Alice contemplated this for two years; in the mean time, continuing her life as normal. At the age of seventeen, Alice had made the decision to go turn herself in. She left in the middle of the night to the police office, despite her fear of driving. The police sent her to a higher official, who in turn, admitted her into the facility, which happened to be on an island. (Alice didn't like this fact one bit.) Once being admitted to the facility, Alice got a very bad feeling. It just didn't sit right with her.

E X T R A:

pls roleplay with me i have a wife who's pregnant

R O L E P L A Y  I N F O

Where: I prefer skype.
Method: I’m good with anything

Timezone: CST (Central standard time)


slow down grandma
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Whoa grandma, slow down!

Yo! The name's Waruhi! You can call me War or Waru too, if that happens to be easier. I mostly frequent tumblr, so if you wanna chat, you should probably message me on there. Lotsa art I don't post on here will be on my tumblr too, but I'll still occasionally post a thing or two on here as well.

I'm 16 years old, afab genderfluid, asexual, and panromantic! I'd prefer if you use she/her or they/them pronouns, please!

We must protect Kaneki Ken.


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